Pinocchio by Philippe Boesmans

conductor Emilio Pomarico — stage director Joël Pommerat

Recording Date
9 July 2017
Performance in French subtitled in French
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Philippe Boesmans (1936)
Opera on a libretto by Joël Pommerat inspired by Carlo Collodi
Commissioned by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence
World Premiere at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence in 2017

Since writer Carlo Collodi unleashed him from his imagination and Geppetto fashioned him from a piece of wood, the puppet Pinocchio has been constantly transformed, adapted and revisited. Now playright and director Joël Pommerat has made an opera character of him, in an ideal collaboration with composer Philippe Boesmans, whose richly coloured musical universe, seems tailor-made for the small wooden figure. He presents the character as a rude and insolent person, eschewing all sentimentality to reconnect with the harsh world that Collodi portrays in his book. Reflecting his conception of theatre as a company endeavour, Joël Pommerat entrusts all the roles in this lyrical tale to six singers in disparate costumes – cabaret fairy, circus director, bad guy – all brought to life by a director who also narrates this story that speaks to everyone, both young and old alike.